3 Tools Every Real Estate Broker Should Use

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Technology is a powerful ally of today’s real estate broker. By utilizing the latest tools, you can enhance results and boost profitability. Here are three tools to integrate into your practice – now!

  1. E-signature. The modern real estate agent is on-the-go. No longer camped in the office, they need to wheel and deal from any location. E-signature services allow your team to sign crucial documents via their smartphone or tablet, from anywhere with a connection. This means greater flexibility for agents and greater convenience for clients. Win-win. And it’s secure. Another win.
  1. The Cloud. Again, because agents are on the move, cloud-based tools are critical. Your team can produce and create, review, edit, and share brochures, listings, adverts, documents, contracts, and more without being tied to the office. Google Docs and Drive are, of course, among the leading platforms and they require little upfront investment. At the same time, your contracts and other sensitive information are secure. Regardless of the cloud service you use, prioritize security, privacy, and ease of use.
  1. Realty Connection. Today’s real estate broker faces many challenges today, from the tumultuous market to high rates of turnover. Innovative solutions like Realty Connection can help you stay at the top of your game. You can proactively scout promising agents to ensure a healthy pipeline of talent, create a vibrant and unique brand identity, and learn to manage a stronger, high-performing team.

Realty Connection performs a variety of essential services for your brokerage, including driving traffic to your professional profile, facilitating conversations with prospective agents, nurturing prospects, creating campaigns, and managing retention. It’s a full-service platform that enables you to grow your business – successfully and sustainably.
Technology can be overwhelming; there’s an app – or 100 – for everything, including real estate. Tame the tech beast, and get started with these three tools. A secure e-signature program, a safe cloud service, and the well-rounded Realty Connection solution will give you a head-start on the competition.

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