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Perfecting the art of home staging can help you sell properties much faster – and to ensure buyers are happy to sign on the dotted line. Some tips for the savvy real estate agent to stage the most critical rooms in the house:


  • Ugly or outdated tile can dry up prospective home-buyer interest in a snap. To remedy this, coat tiles with a high-adhesion primer and then apply a ceramic epoxy covering layer. Voila: instant home makeover.
  • Scour the shower door. Grime is a significant turnoff – so hit the walls  too. Mix a solution of one-part bleach and one-part water.
  • Suggest the homeowner replace the bulky vanity with a slim, streamlined pedestal sink. Clean. Simple. Sold.


  • Ugly or outdated cabinets: see above. Home buyers hate them. Instead of replacing them, simply re-stain them. Add some chic new hardware, and you’ve completely updated the look on the cheap.
  • Ask the homeowner to consider replacing appliances with stainless steel. And cheat, when you can; if you have a dishwasher, apply a stainless steel stick-on cover on the front panels.
  • Get rid of clutter. Extraneous dishes, those extra Tupperware containers sans lids: get them all out of the kitchen. Bust clutter in every room while you’re at it.


  • Paint the bedroom a neutral color to appeal to men and women.
  • Coordinate accessories (bedding, pillows, curtains) to complement the neutral color scheme. Don’t make it too fluffy – or too austere.


  • Spruce up the outdoors. Mow the lawn and plant flowers that’ll bloom in prime selling season. Curb appeal counts.
  • Increase outdoor living space by sanding and refinishing decks.
  • Arrange patio furniture so buyers envision backyard get-togethers and more usable space. Functional and fun are the keywords.

In any room – inside or out – do not neglect the basics. Clean, de-clutter, and remove pet and other odors completely.
DIY it or adjust your commission splits and assign a real estate agent to the tasks. Either way, make sure you pay attention to staging. It will pay you back.

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