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Working only with older forms of advertising makes it much more difficult to produce your own leads. When it comes to real estate, a modern lead‐generating agent has to engage in targeted viral mobile marketing. Clients spend as much as 30 hours a month using some form of mobile app: you need to be equally savvy with technology.

The best part of a real estate app is that clients will freely share it if they find it useful. We used to share books, then magazines, then VHS tapes, then CDs and DVDs…and now, links and downloads. Family and friends share apps with their family and friends, doing a lot of the legwork for developing leads that you’d normally have to do yourself.

After all, it takes 10 seconds to text an app to someone. Saving a business card, finding it again, having to be in the right mind frame to talk business on the phone or compose a long introductory email to a real estate agent…certain clients feel intimidated or inconvenienced. Apps serve as a more casual entry point – clicking a button to have a realtor contact them about a specific property leaves a little bit more control in their hands.

Real estate app listings can work like this. They don’t just do some of the introductory work for the client either, they can launch you into the middle of a conversation about their specific real estate needs and concerns. Clients will also readily share listings with friends and family– even those far afield – in order to ask their advice and thoughts.

This accomplishes two feats: it lets the client receive more input about the house, thereby taking greater emotional ownership of a property; and it also serves to spread your app far and wide.

Real estate: there’s an app for that. Get connected. Now.

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